How to Make Explainer Videos That Sell

It turns out that video production has become one of the most important aspects of modern business marketing. According to some statistics, 9 out of 10 online marketers rely on video marketing. Of course, they are using other forms of marketing, but video marketing is included in their campaigns. Although there are many types of videos you can use for this purpose, most people stick to explainer videos. So, it’s no wonder why most business owners are wondering how to make explainer videos that sell.

Thanks to explainer videos, you will get a chance to strengthen your brand which is very important on today’s market where you have to compete against thousands of companies. Search engines like Google are more interested in user experience than in simple keyword stuffing and that’s why you have to do your best to make people visit your website and stay on it for better tanking. Creating explainer videos is not expensive and in most cases, it has an excellent return on investment. Thanks to a video like this, you will be able to share your business message in less than a minute or two.

It was proven that videos have an ability to boost conversion rates, showcase the product in its best light, boost interest in your offer, improve search engine ranking, boost website traffic and get the attention of your audience. In addition, Internet users like sharing videos with their friends, followers, and fans.

In case you want to create an explainer video, it is a good idea to consult a reputable video production company that has explainer videos on the offer. A company like this has true professionals with experience and knowledge to make outstanding visuals for your advertising campaign. Although they will take care of the video production aspect, you still have to know the basics of this process.

First of all, you will need an excellent script. This script must be well organized and include a clear and precise message. Our advice is to hire a professional scriptwriter. Next, these explainer videos must be short. The best ones usually last for a minute or two. Furthermore, the explainer video must highlight the value. There is no need to present the features – just talk about the situations where the product can help. Finally, remember to add some interesting or even humorous elements to the video if possible.

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