What are the colors found in the best explainer videos?

People have paid close attention to colors since prehistoric times. They were looking at the colors of the sky, the colors of foods, the colors of water, the color of animals and more. This is how they knew what’s good or bad for them. Of course, over the time, people have learned more about the things that surround them and they are basing their judgments on other factors too. Yet, there is something primeval about how we see colors. The fact is that different colors can cause different emotions in us and we tend to associate colors with specific things.

For example, red colors are often used by food companies. The red color is known as a stimulant and apparently, it stimulates our appetite too. The blue and white colors are often linked to pharmacies and drugs. The color you select for the explainer videos you want to share with the world can significantly affect the success of your videos. If you are wondering what kinds of colors are present in the best explainer videos, you should know that the answer depends on the industry. In this article, we will analyze some of the basic colors and help you make the right choice. Of course, you should think about few more things in order to create an effective video.

For starters, the black color is a little bit controversial because it triggers grief and sadness and even fears in some people. However, it also activates sophistication and boldness in some viewers. You can still make some nice combinations with other colors and use the black color as the basic color. On the other hand, the white color is often linked to cleanliness and hygiene. It’s better to add some other colors because if everything in the video is white, people may get a feeling that they are looking at a dental or medical video.

The yellow color is associated with friendliness and optimism. This is the perfect color for explainer videos focused on the younger generation. Pink is the color that most people link to women and girls. In case you are targeting female audience, don’t hesitate to use this color. Green is ideal for health and nature-related explainer videos. If you are making an explainer video for the finance sector, you should use a blue color which is the color that radiates trust and calmness.

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