The Characteristics of the Best Explainer Videos

If you visit the best websites, especially the ones focused on eCommerce, you will notice that almost all of them have some kind of explainer videos. The reason why they use this type of videos is that they can help visitors find the information they need about the products in a simple way. Instead of reading blocks of text, Internet users can enjoy in visually stunning explainer videos. On the other hand, businesses usually boost conversion rates thanks to these explainer videos. It’s also possible to send these videos via email or share them via social media. They are an excellent tool for improving search engine ranking.

In case you want to make a video like this, you have to learn more about the characteristics of the best explainer videos.

 For starters, an explainer video must be concise and clear. The majority of explainer videos last no more than 60 seconds. Of course, there are some longer videos too. Yet, you can rarely find an explainer video that lasts more than 3 minutes. Experts have figured out that using longer explainer videos is ineffective because they can’t keep the attention of viewers.

Furthermore, explainer videos must be able to get to the main point right away. They don’t need a long introduction. In fact, they can start explaining what they are about from the first second. Remember that this is the reason why people use explainer videos in the first place. Don’t try to invent something new when explainer videos are working perfectly.

The main story in the video should be about the advantages of using your products/services not the features and technical description. Viewers want to know what they will get when they buy the product. They want to be sure that it will save them money, time or energy in some way. Do your best to keep their attention.

Of course, the video you want to create must have a high quality. You need modern visual elements and flawless audio elements. Luckily, with today’s technology, these requirements are not difficult to meet. Keep in mind that you should not overuse the special effects. If you do this you may lose the viewer’s attention and they won’t remember your business message.

Those who want to create explainer videos should know that they have two solutions – to hire professionals or to try making an explainer video themselves.

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