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Benefits of a Good Explainer Video

Explainer videos have a huge impact on the audience and serve a lot of functions ranging from educating consumers about the product while entertaining them. As a marketing strategy, explainer videos are easy to create and distribute due to the small size which can be posted on the website and across the numerous social media platforms available today. A good explainer video will add value to the brand by creating awareness about the launch of new products or services as soon as the product or service is released.

Brand awareness

Explainer videos are simple and easy to understand, this makes the video a vital tool for the creation of awareness about your brand and all that it entails. Providing details about the brand is a perfect way to prove that your products or services exist, lending credibility to the brand. Creating high-quality explainer videos suggests high levels of professionalism for the brand creating a lasting impression on the consumer.

Increase conversion rate

The objective of explainer videos is to grab the attention of the target audience and turn them into consumers of the product. Consumers tend to believe explainer videos more than any written text. Also, explainer videos tell a story that clicks and sit well with the target audience and relay all the needed information about the product and service alongside the company or organization offering the service which increases the rate of conversions since consumers don’t have to research the product or service anymore.

Pitching made easy

With explainer videos, it is way easier to pitch to consumers across the globe as opposed to other forms of pitching. Good news is that with explainer videos you don’t have to be at a place physically to be able to pitch your ideas, explainer videos on the company’s or organization website are effective pitch and marketing tools across various platforms.

Reveal your values

Explainer videos are a good way of showing the core values of the seller of service or products. The choice of music, characters, and the script used to go a long way to providing a glimpse at the overall values of the brand and the values advocated for by the brand. It shows the audience who you are without necessarily explaining to them.

Google Rankings

Ranking top in search engines is good for any product or service being sold by a brand, and there is no better way to improve on Google rankings other than the use of explainer videos. The ever inviting video thumbnail has higher chances of being clicked by the target audience leading to traffic to the website through clicks which in turn leads to conversion of the audience to consumers.


It is very easy to share explainer videos due to their size across numerous platforms increasing the chance of the video going viral and by extension what the brand is offering regarding service or product. Social media with the special marketing features such as promoting brand content sees to it that the explainer video gets maximum attention and traffic through organic reach

Monitoring and evaluation

Follow up on the impact of the video is easy and helps reveal what the audience likes and improvements to be made on the next batch of video through the reading of reviews and testimonials about your brand on the web. Complex issues are simplified by explainer videos making easier for the consumer to understand the place of a brand in their setting and why the product or service being offered will be a solution to their problem.

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